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Get Real-Time TallyPrime Data On Your Mobile Phone

Smart Dashboard & Reports

Owners have 24/7 access to their Live Business Data & quick reports.

Reduce Outstanding

Daily notifications & Billwise, Ageing wise details helped reduce outstanding.

1-Click Sharing

Sharing of invoice, Outstanding reminders via Email/Whatsapp helped speed up business!

Improved Salesteam Performance

Access of only their customer’s data helped timely outstanding follow-ups & improved salesteam’s performance.

Increase Sales

Top customer, Items, Inactive customers reports helped grow sales.

Data Entry

Create Orders, Receipts & Payment that are automatically synced with Tally.

Real Time

Time is precious and so is updating of data. BizAnalyst mobile app accesses your Tally ERP9 on your desktop in almost real time. Once you set up BizAnalyst desktop app, it syncs with the mobile version automatically to transfer data. That means, you get access to updated data without any manual efforts.

100% Secure

BizAnalyst is a perfect example of end-to-end encryption in action. The BizAnalyst desktop app syncs the data with Tally ERP9 on your desktop and encrypts to store in on your computer. Next, the BizAnalyst mobile app connects its desktop version and the encrypted data is transferred through cloud to your phone. Rest assured, your data is decrypted only on your phone and can be accessed through the BizAnalyst mobile app only. Moreover, you can set a passcode for the app to restrict access to it and the data stored in it. After 10 incorrect attempts, the data is deleted from your phone, which can be downloaded again after a correct log in.


BizAnalyst lets you stay updated on every move in your business. It notifies you every day about your previous day’s sales, purchase, receipts, payments etc. What better way to start your day with!

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